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Financial Wellness—Colleen's Story

July 12, 2017 | Services & ProgramsClient Stories

Supporting The Actors Fund means supporting programs and services that have a positive impact on the the lives of thousands of performing arts and entertainment professionals every year. Services like our Financial Wellness Program, which helps engage, educate and empower people to live healthy and stable financial lives. People like Colleen, an actor, acting teacher and coach, who shared their story in their own words.

"I was introduced to The Actors Fund Financial Wellness Program several years ago. I was seeking financial education because the ebb and flow of my income and expenses were hard to manage. I was fed up and beginning to challenge my belief that there was honor in being a “starving artist” and I wanted financial, mental and energetic stability.

"The greatest benefit from the classes I’ve taken is clarity around my expenses and income. I’ve gone from having a ballpark idea of these numbers to having precise figures, and it has changed everything. While there may be surprising ebbs and flows to the show business part of my life, there are no surprises financially. 

Mapping my income over a year, I know when to expect a dip and how to be ready for that. Mapping my yearly expenses, I know exactly how much I spend in typical categories, but also on things I wasn’t used to projecting.

For instance, I’m now aware of how much I’ve spent in the past on “emergency” auto repair, and am being careful to put away that amount for next year. Now it will not be an “emergency”—it is expected and planned for. That has given me so much peace of mind and has allowed me to put my energy and focus on what I came to Los Angeles to do!

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