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Financial Wellness—Dajuan's Story

August 16, 2017 | Services & ProgramsClient Stories

Supporting The Actors Fund means supporting programs and services that have a positive impact on the the lives of thousands of performing arts and entertainment professionals every year. Services like our Financial Wellness Program, which helps engage, educate and empower people to live healthy and stable financial lives. People like Dajuan, an actor, life and career coach, who shared this story in his own words.

$775. Yes, $775.

That was the number I was spending a month on eating out before participating in The Actors Fund Financial Wellness Program. And I had no idea. No—not on groceries—simply on eating out at restaurants.

This number floored me. Shook me to my core. Who did I think I was spending $775 on average eating out a month? When I was still carrying credit card debt, when I didn’t have a planned savings account, when I did not have a wealth building account. $775 was the number that I’ll remember for a very long time.

When we were asked to do paperwork and come up with an average of the last six months of spending, I had no idea it would lead here. I signed up for The Actors Fund’s Managing Cash Flow for Artists to get a better understanding of my finances. What I got out of it will forever change my life.

I’m no longer afraid to tackle my money situation head on. On the first day of class our teacher said, “You don’t get to not have a relationship with money. You do get to decide if it’s going to be a good relationship or a bad one.” Well I’ve decided—and it’s all because of this program.

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