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Financial Wellness—Miriam and Shawn’s Story

June 13, 2017 | Services & ProgramsClient Stories

Supporting The Actors Fund means supporting programs and services that have a positive impact on the the lives of thousands of performing arts and entertainment professionals every year. Services like our Financial Wellness Program, which helps engage, educate and empower people to live healthy and stable financial lives. People like Miriam, and actor, and her husband, Shawn, who shared their story in their own words.

"Natives of South Carolina, and recent New Yorkers, we moved to Los Angeles for the first time a little over three years ago to pursue our careers in entertainment. We are not newbies to the industry but being in Los Angeles is quite different from New York City. We had no idea the complexity of balance needed to have 'Staying Power!' The Actors Fund Financial Wellness Program was literally an answer to our prayers."

"During the classes we discovered our 'Point A'—learning the tools to determine all of our numbers—debt, income and expenses. From there, we could develop a clear plan to sustain ourselves financially while continuing to pursue our purpose. Together we’ve launched District One Barbers West—a combined barbershop, artist space and coffee lounge in Los Feliz!"

"With patience, determination and the incredible support provided by The Actors Fund, we’ve discovered our dreams are attainable, have working strategies to achieve them, and have executed plans that will change the course of our lives."

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