Looking Ahead Advisory Committee | Actors Fund

Looking Ahead Advisory Committee

The Looking Ahead Advisory Committee of The Actors Fund advises the organization on the needs and challenges faced by professional young performers and their families and works to increase awareness about the support available to this community via our Looking Ahead Program.

Fred Savage, Co-Chair
Sharon Lieblein, Co-Chair

Chris M. Allport
Scott Appel
Cynthia Bain
Corbin Bleu
Tracy Bobbitt
Elizabeth Boykewich
Jon Cao
Cheryl Diamond
Ilene Graff
Darby Hinton
Karla Huff
Ilyanne Morden-Kichaven
Jacky Olitsky
Cindy Osbrink
Paul Petersen
Hannah Pitts
Lisa Rapport, Ph.D
Michael Rosenfeld
Joshua Rudoy
Joanne Savage
Judy Savage
Judy Taylor
Angela Williams

Tessa Germaine - Youth Specialist
David Hicks - Youth Specialist

as of March 2017