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Housing Resource Center

Affordable housing tip: File your income taxes! For performing arts and entertainment professionals, many of whom are self-employed, have fluctuating income, and/or earn wages in cash, tax returns can be the best way to establish eligibility for subsidized housing or to illustrate that you qualify for a mortgage. 

New York Housing Resources

Subsidized Housing Search Resources
Unsubsidized Housing Search Resources
Tenant Organizations
Attorney General’s Tenants’ Rights Guide
Legal Resources
Homelessness Resources
Existing Housing for Artists and Entertainers

Los Angeles Housing Resources

Affordable Housing Partnership for Artists 
Click the link above for the most up-to-date information on a new affordable housing opportunity, The Pacific Avenue Arts Colony in San Pedro, which will be open for occupancy in the beginning of 2015. Application workshops are scheduled for early November 2014. RSVP at the Affordable Housing Partnership for Artists website. If you can not attend a workshop, but would like to receive information about the Pacific Avenue Arts Colony, please call the building’s hotline at 310.802.2622.

The Affordable Housing Partnership for Artists seeks to provide artists and creative professionals with the information and tools they need to access affordable housing, allowing them a stable platform from which to thrive and participate actively in their community. The partnership will begin by focusing on immediate affordable housing opportunities in LA’s Arts District and Downtown, creating a replicable strategy for other LA neighborhoods and beyond. This website will post notifications of upcoming affordable housing opportunities, provide descriptions of eligibility criteria and application processes, and list the schedule of information sessions and workshops that will help you fully prepare yourself. Please check the website regularly.

Affordable Housing Resources
Senior Housing Resources
Foreclosure Assistance
Facing Homelessness
Tenants’ Organizations and Resources
The Eviction Process and Legal Resources

Chicago Housing Resources

Subsidized/Affordable Housing
Tenants' Rights
Legal Resources
Temporary Housing
Roommate Services
Facing Homelessness?



The Housing program is open to all members of the entertainment industry.


Housing Resource Center Information

212.221.7300 ext. 107

For questions about housing in the Central and Western Regions:

Central Region

Western Region
323.933.9244 ext. 455

Actors Fund Housing

The Actors Fund operates an assisted living and skilled nursing facility, as well as two supportive housing developments in New York and Los Angeles.  For more details on Actors Fund housing and application information, click on the links below.