Board of Trustees | Actors Fund

Board of Trustees

Our dedicated Board establishes policies for administering the programs and services of The Fund, ensuring that the organization remains on course with its mission and purpose of helping everyone in our community in times of need, crisis or transition.

Brian Stokes Mitchell, Chairman of the Board
Annette Bening, Vice Chair
Philip Birsh, Vice Chair
Bebe Neuwirth, Vice Chair
Philip Smith, Vice Chair
Lee Perlman, Treasurer
Abby Schroeder, Secretary 
Barbara Davis, Assistant Secretary (non-trustee)
Joseph Benincasa, President & CEO (non-trustee)

Debbie Allen
Jeffrey Bolton
Carolyn Carter
Niko Elmaleh
Andrew Flatt
Jane Friedman
Hal Goldberg
David Goodman
Heather Hitchens
Mark Hostetter
Sharon Karmazin
Brooke Kennedy
Chris Keyser
Kenny Leon
Paul Libin
Matthew Loeb
Nancy S. MacMillan
Mary McColl
James L. Nederlander
Ruth Nerken
Stanley Newman
David Rambo
Lauren Reid
Charlotte St. Martin
Kate Shindle
Jack Tantleff
Tom Viola
Robert Wankel
Joseph Wender
David White
Elizabeth Reiko Kubota Whitney
Allison Wright

As of September 24, 2020