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Brand Ambassador: Onsite Resident Services and Security Associate

Services and Security Associate in charge of welcoming and assisting all property guests: employees, tenants, owners and visitors. Posted strategically throughout the Property neighborhood to best serve the customers who visit and experience it, in the plaza of their specific building, when the weather allows, or just inside the revolving doors of their lower lobby during inclement weather.

Core Responsibilities: 

  • Welcome and greet tenants, guests, visitors, and owners to the building.
  • Monitor plazas and lobbies for cleanliness and general upkeep.
  • Enter work orders that may arise on the spot through our digital platform.
  • Collaborate with other functions to ensure the pristine condition of the property.
  • Recognize and greet senior management when they visit the neighborhood.
  • Welcome and announce VIP arrivals to Front of House associates and management.
  • Develop strong relationships with employees, owners, and tenants.
  • Provide wayfinding details to guests and visitors.
  • Assist customers with large packages, carts, luggage, etc.
  • Help customers in and out of cabs, Ubers, and/or personal cars and limousines.
  • Welcome large groups to the property.
  • Answer questions regarding the building, neighborhood or property development.
  • Generate excitement about neighborhood in those who inquire.
  • Set up stations (e.g. stands, tables, chairs, etc.) for promotional activities in plazas and lobbies.
  • Redirect deliveries to loading dock or messenger center.
  • Uphold security guidelines and collaborate with security to prevent unauthorized entries.
  • Conduct customer experience huddles.
  • Model brand behaviors.
  • Conduct meaningful conversations to drive business into property.

Required Skills: 

  • Hosting and anticipating needs.
  • Availability on Weekends and holidays is a must.
  • Ability to be on your feet for long periods of time.
  • Superior intentional observation.
  • Strong memory and/or organizational method for tracking customer preferences and names.
  • Exceptional verbal and written communication skills.
  • Impeccable phone etiquette.
  • Build rapport quickly and effectively with customers and colleagues.
  • Strong critical thinking skills, particularly around problem-solving.
  • Juggle technology and interpersonal communication seamlessly.
  • Planning and organizing for large events.
  • Strong sense of professionalism reflected in daily appearance, posture, and preparedness.
  • Effectively incorporate coaching feedback.
  • Hospitality/entertainment background a plus.
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Office.
  • 3 + years in service and/or sales industry.

Position Type: 


City & State: 

New York, New York

Start Date: 


Position Length: 


Schedule (days): 


Schedule (hours): 

20-40 per week



Compensation Type: 




Applicant Review Requirements: 


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