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Healthcare and Health Insurance

It is central to the mission of The Actors Fund to respond to, and to anticipate, the needs of the entertainment and performing arts communities. Paramount among those needs is health care.

Our Health Services programs offer both Internet-based and personal health insurance guidance, solutions-based health care counseling, experience-based health referrals and, through our own free clinic, direct medical care for people who are uninsured.

Because the landscape of health care options is constantly shifting and new health care needs arise over time, our programs also focus on emerging problems and solutions. Our Access to Health Insurance/Resources for Care (AHIRC) database actively pursues and links to the newest Internet sites for local health care programs. Our Health Insurance Resource Center updates its workshops and seminars with information on the latest health insurance products, both government and private; our Phyllis Newman Women’s Health Initiative (PNWHI) addresses current and future health issues which impact women in the entertainment industry. Our Al Hirschfeld Free Health Clinic not only provides excellent general care for people who are uninsured but also constantly seeks access to affordable testing and specialist services for its clients.

Along with our AIDS Initiative,Entertainment Assistance Program, Senior and Disabled Program, and Mental Health and Chemical Dependency Services, the programs that comprise our Health Services are singularly focused on keeping the members of our community healthy and capable of pursuing their chosen careers.